Comedy podcast with Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt

Word complaints, the Axe cometh, bank card nightmares, orange hobo update galore and Dave's best and worst movies of 2010.

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Wooden hanger contest winners, Hobo orange thieves family conflict, the house shooter and ponzi boy and stripper sadness

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Christmas is upon us, old clips of dead inside Greg, old man shirtless tiny car, career sadness and spiral. 

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Dave and Greg feel shame, scary ram horn, peep show eject and rescue dogs.

Music by trash titan

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Too much fuck, pie lies, Greg likes pretty and Dave gets Jiffy Lubed

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Dave sells out and sells down, Greg learns of his meth ripped future, going floppy during movies, family zombie survival information, tiny bringers of sickness and what to be angry at and what not to be angry at.

Music:  Air, Gorillaz and Palmdale

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Dave gets all up in Hugh Hefner, a West Virginia hardcore vagina tale of love and rage and a major orange hobo picking family update.

Music:  It's metal day!  Faith No More, Fastway and Brian Posehn.

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A candy box comes to the closet, a new sponsor via Patton Oswalt, Kanye breaks the news of his fancy teeth on the ultimate hoodrat show, shit covered Dan Cortese and reminiscing about the great Berhendt/Anthony fued of 2004.

Music: Flaming Lips, Foo Fighters and Guided by Voices

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Dane Cook helps himself to a Greg classic, an endorsement, Greg eats and eats and eats, the first Dave and Greg internet talky show and how to get Greg and Dave to come to your town.

Music:  Cracker, Dinasaur Jr. and Grant Lee Buffalo

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The Giants win the pennant, future Kalhua hangover, late night orange tree plundering from the Hobo family, two geniuses sing one of Dave's Tweets, a Gary Lucy wrap up and Halloween is upon us, the candy arrives from England

Music:  The Figgs, Scorpions and Thrice.

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Pulling the curtains on Gary Lucy for good, Halloween is upon us, the good things about Greg's talk show, Greg tosses out some fashion advice, bachelorette parties and other horror road stories, and what in the fuck happened to manly movie stars?

Music:   Fountains of Wayne, Gorillaz, LIR, and Forgetters

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Dave's family locker room cock out, Greg flips his shit over a movie, the Juggalos are betrayed by their leaders, and why Kim Kardashian is a horrible monster.

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Greg's illness, Dave's fury, a few words about Greg Giraldo and a few more about the WTR villian, things go bad for Greg in a parking lot and how Dave is like a Vegas hotel.

Music:  Listener theme song, The Hives and Admiral Radley.

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Greg's parking lot fisticuffs, Finn gets a life lesson at Hot Dog Thunderdome and Dave loses his shit over parking tickets.

Music:  Smashing Pumpkins, Social Distortion and The Reighning Monarchs

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Greg and Dave disagree about fashion, Dave's internet conflict issues, Greg gets a free hot dog and Dave doesn't care, a man speaks to Dave's wife in a way Dave and Greg don't like and Dave has to learn to stop flipping people off.

Music:  The Afghan Whigs, Blur, and finally, a God damn song from the Raveonettes

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Greg discusses his trip to Seattle and an incredibly shitty compliment, Greg teaches Dave about lawn jockeys, Patton Oswalt renames the podcast,  Dave's new annoying neighbor, Dave and Greg discuss what they do during down time, Juggaloos and Cuddlas and they end with the comedy of Joe DeRosa

Music:  Possum Dixon, Primus and Soul Coughing.

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The secret to Dave's baby making talents, the idiot who writes, Greg's stand up dates in Dallas, Dave's horrible moment on stage and Dave's disastrous trip to the store for milk

Music:  The Weeks, Supergrass and Grandaddy.

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Greg and Dave discuss the results of the theme song poll, Dave's fight on Facebook, a bit of the sadness of politics and Dave's horrendous stand up bombing experience for the ages.

Music:  ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead and The Weeks

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An uncomfortable conversation Greg found himself in, Greg's talk show, Dave breaks down why comics don't like Dane Cook, Dave returns to the world of stand up, shanking audience members, talking shit about celebrities and Dave learns who Kim Kardashian is.


Music:  The Wombats and the new single from Cee-Lo Green (Gnarls Barkley)

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Mitch departs.  Greg gets a dog and uses it to terrorize his child. Finn is terrified of a squirrel.  Greg is of the Twitter/Facebook grid.  Sort of.  Greg gets a job.  And Greg and Dave discuss stand up comedy a bit more.  Dave gives his long awaited opinion of Dane Cook. 

Music:  Pink Floyd, Pavement and Overwhelming Colorfast

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Greg and Dave discuss Greg's exciting experience with a tattoed man, Kyle Cease's comedy boot camp and Dave's fight at a pizza joint.


Music: The Reigning Monarchs, Archers of Loaf, Cracker and Weeks

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Dave and Greg discuss the ongoing sound situation and how it's about to get a whole lot better, Dave's problem with electronics, Dave updates his neighbor Mitch's existence, Greg discusses the future of The Reighning Monarchs, gift buying and how a fan called Dave a "whiner."

Music:  The John Spencer Blues Explosion, Blur and The Coctails

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Greg and Dave discuss Dave's trip to South Africa and what happened on the plane back, Greg gets mad at himself for being mad about getting bumped, and Dave's obsession with prison and Lockup.

Music:  The International Noise Conspiracy, Queens of the Stone Age and The Reigning Monarchs.

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Dave reveals his knowledge of wallabee genitals, a discussion on why Greg and Dave became stand ups, their stand up influences, old school San Francisco stand up comedy, Dave's upcoming trip to South Africa, Justin Beiber and Greg's Fitzimmons new bad boy persona. Music.  Afghan Wigs, Crooked Fingers

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Greg and Dave discuss their continuing sound problems, Trader Joes' Mini Mints, Swimming, Greg's neighbor's untimely death, how Greg's neighbors hate his house, Greg's sad protein drinking situation, an annoying show business conversation Greg had and the time Dave told "comedian" Ant what he thinks of him.

Music:  The Reigning Monarchs, The Roots and Quarashi.

So very close to figuring out the sound problems. So, very close.

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So, I figured out what is wrong with the sound.  Unfortunately, I didn't figure it out until after we recorded our 7th and 8th podcasts and I was listening to them.

Shit.  Sorry.  But, fuck, #9 is going to be awesome.



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Greg and Dave discuss their new podcast rivalry, Greg's DUI years ago, Greg's new non-relationship with James Hetfield, how Greg talks to crazy people, Greg's daughter's pre-school graduation, Greg and Dave give some live advice to a guy who isn't loving life, Greg's bandmates cash demands and the greatest podcast ending of all time.


Music:  Supergrass, Jets to Brazil and Camper Van Beethoven.

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We got a new mixer but the sound still isn't that great - especially in the 1st segment.

Dave makes a Tim Tam apology, the discovery of donut muffins, Dave's wife has a moment of insanity with their neighbor Mitch, Dave discusses going to soccer games with Rivers Cuomo, Dave's playground shame, Greg's moment of being a tough guy to a nice guy, Dave's new man actor girlfriend breakup and the premier of The Reigning Monarchs newest song!

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Greg and Dave discuss Dave's love/hate relationship with his baseball team, a movie that Dave can't identify with words, Greg's basement medical equipment situation, the new generation of comedians, Dave's nightmare day.

We promise to work on the sound.  Mixer coming!

Music:  Trash Titan

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Greg and Dave discuss the show Hoarders, M&M's new candy situation, Dave finally has a talk with his father, Greg explains how he is as cool as the Katherine Heigl movie Killers, Dave's talks about his drunk, young neighbor situation, Dave's amazing Tim Allen impression and a Tim Tam update!

The Music:  Hail The Size.

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Greg and Dave talk more about Dave's father, Greg's night at a Beverly Hills benefit, Greg explains why he's done with being a self help guru, they touch on the awesomeness of Scottish trannies and a Tim Tam update. Plus the new, somewhat scary, Walking The Room theme song.

Music - The Reigning Monarchs.

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Starring Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt. They discuss their backgrounds, working together on Greg's Show, Greg's recent trip to Australia, a trip to see the obscure 80s metal band Y&T and Dave's recent appearance on WTF w/Marc Maron and how his Dad shouldn't have heard it.

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